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It is about explaining the spatial characteristics of the room through the sound; that the resonance interprets the measures, defines the shapes and details the textures... And to translate the description into the visual realm, in the form of sculptures. According to the physics of sound, it moves through vibrational waves at a certain speed, until it hits and bounces off the limits of space. The architectural elements are drawn, emphasized by the repetition of the blows of the bones, in such a way that they fill the volume of the room and define it completely, down to the last detail. It is as if the Capella were the result/positive result of a mural. And the motlle, was the volume of the cabuda. As for the percussion of the bowl to generate the sound, it is proposed that it be done by means of an autonomous mechanism: a mechanical/electronic device expressly designed with the appropriate configurations to obtain the most suitable sound for the purpose of the work.  The interior volume of the large room, defined by the floor, is represented by a 3D printed sculpture. To describe it more concretely, we propose a series of sculptures that show the details of the architecture and its texture (walls, earth, corners...). In this case, the sculptures are displayed without making any copy/positive. This project can be done in any space.

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